All-Pro CB Josh Norman Signs With Redskins

XX Josh Norman, all-pro cornerback from the Carolina Panthers, signed with our Washington Redskins on Friday 04-22-16.  His contract basically is for five years and 75 million dollars, with 50 big ones guaranteed.  

Sorry Governor Inslee, it looks like the Redskins just reinstated the “Capital Punishment Defense”…

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Josh Norman gives us a blue-chip, all-pro, game-changing cornerback who has the skills, the attitude, and is physical enough to control rival receivers like Dez Bryant of Dallas and Odell Beckham Jr of the Giants, whom he most likely defend against twice a year now. He proved with NFC Champions Carolina Panthers he can cover any receiver, cause fumbles, force turnovers, blitz the quarterback, has the closing speed, and works angles to make interceptions.

We fans must give some kudos and high-fives to General Manager Scott McCloughan and those involved in working out the deal, because at the time, the Redskins only had about 11 million in cap space, and would need about 3 million of that for those who will be drafted by the team in the forthcoming NFL Draft, April 28-30th. Josh Norman was drafted in 2012, is healthy, and cannot wait to prove he can get the best of Odell Beckham Jr and Dez Bryant.  In my view, this signing will help our defense be a top ranked defense in 2016, get more turnovers, get my stops on 3rd downs, more sacks, and give up less points than in 2015. He wants to go to the Super Bowl again and win this time.

His signing helps other players, not only in our secondary, but will help our pass-rush also, which should be exceptional in 2016. Ryan Kerrigan, Junior Galette, and Preston Smith will pressure and hit the opposition quarterbacks along with more sacks. If the receivers are covered like a blanket, that trio should get more sacks and forced fumbles.  Also means our defense will give us less 3rd down conversions,  win the time of possession battle, and giving our offense more chances to score points.

Our defense just got kicked up a notch with Josh Norman now on the roster, so expect offenses to throw less against Josh Norman’s corner. Perhaps that might give Bashaud Breeland, Will Blackmon, Chris Culliver extra incentive to show their best stuff as well.

In closing Kirk will be practicing with the first team before the regular season for the first time.  Kirk will have to be very accurate In practice to complete passes when the receivers are going against an all-pro defender like Josh Norman – but it looks that he already has that part figured out:


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