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HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE. Forget what the “so-called NFL experts” predict and all the doubters, pouters, and do-withouters and the HATER-AID drinkers say. The Dallas Cowboys, nor the NY Giants, and nor the Philadelphia Eagles will win the NFC East. Our Washington Redskins will again win the NFC East.

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Yes, I know our Redskins are scheduled to have one less home game since they have to travel to London, England. I know our team will have to travel TWICE as much in 2016 as in 2015. I know Dallas Cowboys will probably have their quarterback Tony Romo back along with receiver Dez Bryant. I know Dallas was given four extra draft picks(compensatory picks) to give them an edge. I know our schedule is much tougher than our rivals. Guess what? It does not matter because our Redskins will be even better in 2016.

Our General Manager Scot McCloughan and President Bruce Allen are the best in the NFL at evaluating talent and finding exceptional football players in all rounds of the NFL Draft, In 2015, Scot gave us the best draft in the NFL and will do the same April 28-30th. They will get us the players we need and our good coaches will have them “coached up” and the final 53 on the roster will be a winning team. Scot is doing the same great job for us as he did for the Super Bowl teams 49ers and Seahawks, building through the draft.

I predict we will have less free agents this season, Last season our 2015 Redskins had about 1/4 veteran free agents to fill needed spots. This season we will probably have more of our own players, and only about 1/3 free agents or less. I do not know any defensive coordinators with any team who wants to face our offense this season. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are great receivers, plus up and coming Rashad Ross and Jamison Crowder, not to mention tight ends , plus our running backs have good pass catching hands also.

Our 0-line will be better also and we will be able to get our running-game going along with the explosive passing-game. I predict we get at least 2 very good young OL players in the draft, probably a center who can run-block, pancake and block through the whistle. I see Scot getting us a good nose-tackle to help stop the run and help our Capital Punishment pass rush of Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Smith and Junior Galette.

Our head coach Jon Gruden and his staff are spending the off-season going over every play of 2015 to make themselves better and evaluate all our 2015 players. I have said before I have seen a lot of improvement of our team, coaches and players, from 2013, 2014, and 2015 and believe our 2016 Redskins will be dominating, physical, smart, tough, in shape, younger and faster.

Last, but not least, our starting quarterback Kirk Cousins will be even better in 2016. He showed everyone how much he improved game after game and his performance the last 10 games was surprisingly exceptional. Why will he be better? For the first time since 2012, he will be the starting quarterback and get all the reps, ota’s, minicamps, training camp with the first team. He will not be in the shadow of Robert Griffin III. Kirk has learned a lot from quarterback Matt Cavanaugh, quarterback coach and a reason for Kirk’s growth and improvement. Everyone knows “its Kirk’s team.” He knows “the system” now.

Kirk Cousins is has gone from a backup quarterback to a very good quarterback and I believe he will become an ELITE quarterback and be in the conversation when the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are mentioned. He is durable, started all 16 games in 2015 and the playoff game. We have seen how the team has endorsed him and our coaches believe in his ability, not to mention his impeccable character, leadership qualities, work ethic, and dedication. He threw ZERO interceptions in the redzone in 2015 and showed he is mobile with 5 rushing touchdowns.

With the supporting cast he has on offense and an improved O-line that can get our running-game going, Kirk Cousins will do us proud and silence any critics. He wants to prove to GM Scot McCloughan that he is worthy of a long term contract and big money and I have faith that he will do just that.

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Hail, HTTR!

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2 thoughts on “2016 Washington Redskins

  1. Great Article bro,
    I Loved it. I’m Sooooooooooo Ready for the draft to begin!
    In my opinion Our Redskins will be one of the Scariest Teams in the NFL in 2 to 3 years!
    This Next Season All depends on how this Draft goes! We need to have a Top 15 Defense or Better to have any serious chance at Winning Our Division again.
    If we Draft the right players again in the right spots we can take a Serious step forward in being known for our Tough, Ass Kicking Type of Defense!!!
    Loved your Article

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