Redskins Tailgate Endorses Ryan Kelly, Alabama Center


It’s spring again – The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the dogwood trees are blooming all over the South. But are the young men’s hearts consumed with thoughts of beautiful young ladies, romance and hot-blooded passion?

Nah… They’re all dreaming about the 2016 NFL draft.

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Well, I have to admit that at Redskins Tailgate we are too, ha! So without wasting any more time we’ll start our wish list right now by asking GM Scot McCloughan to use our first pick (21st in 1st Round) on Ryan Kelly, the center at the University of Alabama.  He’s the best center in the entire nation and he’s got both the intelligence and character we need to help O-line coach Bill Callahan build his
“Great Wall of the Redskins Nation”.XX picture

Ryan anchored the powerful O-lines of the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide that had a great running attack. This center is a “pancaker”, and a “road grader”. He was the winner of the highest award a Center can get: the Dave Rimington Award and trophy.  He’s an All-American and usually calls the plays for the O-line from his center position.

In 2015 our Washington Redskins proved we have a good passing game that got better as the season progressed, but we were LAST in the NFL in DVOA. If we are going to repeat as NFC East Champions and advance in the Playoffs or even win a Super Bowl, we MUST be able to run the ball.  We must have balance and an O-line that can not only protect our quarterback, but also an O-line that can run-block.

What is DVOA?  Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) is a profiency system that breaks down every single NFL play and compares a team’s performance to a league baseline based on situation in order to determine value over average. Regardless of the term, if you put a dress on a pig you still have pork. The truth is in 2015 our DVOA rating was lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon track. Is last in the NFL the right place for us to be?  We MUST change that by drafting the caliber of players like Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff, and Ryan Kelly.  Bill Callahan has the expertise to build great offensive lines, as he has done in his long NFL tenure. He built the Great Wall of Dallas when he was O-line guru there and can and wants to do the same for us.  He has a good start on it but he needs a few more building blocks to accomplish this.

Yes, I know we need to draft some defensive players.  We need to draft a strong nose-guard and safety players, but we need to do that with our other 7+ draft picks.  Scot can find winners in every round. I endorse Andrew Billings, NT.

On offense, along with Ryan Kelly,I like that nasty, pancaking guard Landon Turner from N.C. At 6’4, 330 lbs. he has thick lower body and core strength- a wide base and anchors well. He keeps his elbows in to quickly recoil and time up his power punch on defender and bends his knees at contact to get the extra power to bowl over, pancake the enemy, and finish thru the whistle.  Oops, did I forget to say he’s a good pass protector as well? Turner leaves Chapel Hill as an accomplished interior lineman who was recognized with ACC first-team honors as a senior. He was the only four-time ACC offensive lineman of the week in 2015.

Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame is an above average tackle at 6’6″ and 314 lbs.  We need depth on O-line, and this kid can play both tackle positions – good character in a young man.

Josh Doctson, the wide receiver from TCU is another of my choices if he’s on the board in later rounds.

DEFENSE DRAFT CHOICES: this is the strongest part of the 2016 Draft, with lots of potentially great defensive players to pick from.  This is why we can use our first pick on Ryan Kelly, then get Guard Landon Turner, and then go defense with most of the other pics. We have the best talent evaluators in the NFL with Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen our President.

Redskins Tailgate  also endorses Andrew Billings, one of the strongest young football players in the draft. He played at Baylor and is my 1st choice for defense draft pick.  Like him for nose-tackle, He can stop the run, good lateral speed too. Athletic and aggressive, this kid can fill the vacancy left by “Pot Roast” Knighton, he reminds me of a younger Pot Roast or maybe Chris Baker.

Other good defense picks are: Jaron Reed, A’Shawn Robinson, William Jackson III, Reggie Ragland, Kendall Fuller, Jaylon Smith, Robert Nkemdiche, Eli Apple, Mackenzie Alexander, Chris Jones, Vernon Butler, Shag Lawson, Darron Lee, Michael Thomas, Jaylon Ramsey, Sheldon Rankins, Noah Spence, Kenny Clark just to mention a few. Some of these will be on the board in the 2nd and 3rd and 4th rounds.

In summary, Redskins endorses Ryan Kelly Center OR  Andrew Billings, NT for 21st pick in the 1st round of the April 28th NFL Draft.

Even though Redskins Tailgate endorses Ryan Kelly, Landon Turner, and Ronnie Stanley for O-line, we trust the judgment of our leaders who are the real experts with years and years of experience.  Scot has been to 23 Combines and in 2016 he’s been working hard studying players who will help us become the best team in the NFL.  He has interviewed coaches, assistant coaches, sources all over the country and been to pro days and combines to see who catches his eye.  He took the 49ers and turned them into a Super Bowl team and did the same with the Seattle Seahawks.  I BELIEVE in our Washington Redskins leadership and believe that our 2016 Redskins team will defend our NFC East Division Title and be in the Playoffs again, Our schedule is tougher this season, but SO WILL WE BE!!!  Another outstanding draft this season will fill in the weak links in the chain.

Hail, HTTR!

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