Redskins Re-sign Colt McCoy To Backup Quarterback


I’m happier than a midget getting off a crowded elevator! The Washington Redskins re-signed backup quarterback Colt McCoy, and we finally have some stability at the QB position once again.  Basically, the contract is for 3 years at 3 million a year, 9 million total, year 2018 is voidable,  and he did get a signing bonus of one million, 800 thousand.

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It is critical to have a quarterback who knows the system as backup. This is Colt’s third year as a Redskin.  Colt is a “Diamond in the rough”. We University of Texas fans know him from his great quarterback play taking the Texas Longhorns to the National Championship.

Unfortunately, he started out with Cleveland and we all know how that went, with different coaches almost every year and different offensive coordinators, different languages and systems to learn year after year – But – their loss is our gain! Colt fits into the Gruden system perfectly and also is very mobile, He has practiced and learned and worked hard and I’m convinced he will be ready to lead our Redskins to victory when needed.  

YT McCoy leads Redskins past Cowboys in OT 3XX
Colt has excellent quarterbacking coaching now with Matt Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh joined the Redskins in 2015 with 22 seasons of previous coaching experience across the professional and collegiate levels. The 2015 season will mark the 32nd NFL season of Cavanaugh’s career, including 14 combined seasons as a quarterback for the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants from 1978-91 and 17 seasons as an NFL coach.

Colt YT McCoy leads Redskins past Cowboys in OTXX
We got a glimpse of how mobile Colt is and how accurate his passes are when he played the Dallas Cowboys in their stadium in 2014 and won and at home versus Dallas in 2015 when he was sent into the game after Kirk Cousins had a big lead and Colt found “the ROCKET” Rashad Ross for a 71 yard touchdown pass.

We all have seen how much Kirk Cousins has improved through time in the system and good quarterback coaching by Jon Gruden, Sean McVay and in 2015, with Matt Cavanaugh. Colt McCoy also has more time now in the system and practiced and worked hard to get better. We will not be disappointed if Colt has to come in and save our season. We all know in the NFL, a backup is only one play away from being a starter.

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