An Era Cut Too Short: RG III And the Washington Redskins


The English tend to define an era as a ‘long and distinct period of history’, but then again they have a long history. Americans have a shorter history, expect quick results, and tend to think of eras in decade terms or less.

The young Heisman Trophy winner seemed destined for greatness in early 2012, and Mike Shanahan mortgaged the farm in a desperate bid to create a new era of success for the Washington Redskins faithful. However the skyrocket beginning in 2012 fizzled out like a bottle rocket, taking coach Mike Shanahan down with it and now sadly the injury ridden RG III era is finally coming to an end.

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Most of us believed that Robert Griffin III would be released by the Washington Redskins.  President Bruce Allen confirmed that during an interview with XEPRS-AM in San Diego.  Allen was asked directly if RG3 would be a Redskins in 2016.  He replied, “”Well, no. I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team. We’ve heard from some teams that are interested. I think he’s going to have a choice of a couple teams that will let him excel in the future.”

Allen went on to praise Robert Griffin III for how he handled the demotion & benching and wished him well with whichever team he goes to.  Teams have to be careful about tampering rules, so no team is stating their interest in acquiring RG3 publically. The Redskins have until March 9th to release him. I think they are holding out hoping some team will give them a draft pick or something for Robert.

This writer believes Houston Texans will be a team that Robert Griffin III would be able to be their starter.  Other teams would probably have him backup their starting quarterback.  I do not think RG3 wants to be a backup again.  I believe he will want to show he is a winner and be an elite quarterback in the NFL.  His rookie year was amazing, 2012, but injuries hurt his productivity in 2013 and 2014.  However, now he is healthy and has learned alot from Jay Gruden and Sean McVay, and of course Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

The Texans have a very good defense and Texas is home to Robert Griffin III.  I do not think RG3 would like Philadelphia or San Francisco or Cleveland.  I know there has been speculation about RG3 might be a Dallas Cowboy in 2016, but I doubt he would want to sit behind Tony Romo.  I believe RG3 will be a Houston Texan before March 9th.

I too wish Robert Griffin III well and hope he can be great again, except when he plays against our Redskins. I hope he finds a new team in the AFC like the Houston Texans. I believe the Texans would be willing to adjust their offense to Roberts strengths by having a strong running-game.

I read often that doubters believe RG3 isn’t a “pocket passer” but I do know if RG3 wants to be a pocket passer he will be a pocket passer.  He is multi-talented, highly intelligent, and can learn anything.  In fact, he did not play in any regular season games for our Redskins in 2015, but he did practice all year long. I think he has learned alot about pocket presence and reading defenses and will adapt to the offense his new team uses.

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