Redskins Tailgate Says: Thank You Redskins

skins wants to thank you all for a job well done and appreciate your hard work and dedication.  You made us Redskins fans proud by surprising the NFL by winning the NFC East Division when most “experts” had you coming in last,  We knew you had the team to do it, you knew it as well.

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 I was convinced when you scrimmaged with the Houston Texans that the team had bonded and had each other’s back.  You never backed down and all the teams you played knew they did not want to play you again.

RedskinsTailgate,com keeps up with the Washington Redskins all year around, and always supports our team, coaches, and management.  We support whoever is on the field wearing Burgundy and Gold.  Although your team was really new and rebuilding, you all came together and proved you are all winners.  I expect your 2016 team to do the same, even better.  Hope you all with keep up with our articles on this site.

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