Redskins Season Ends With Bright Future Ahead


Nobody likes to end the season with a loss, but the Skins faithful have plenty to be thankful for. For one thing, we have a great franchise quarterback – but the best part about it is ending the season with Cousins still healthy.

The team is a strong cohesive unit without all the ‘drama queen’ issues that so many other teams went through this year. The coaching staff is not only competent, but works well with each other while retaining the respect of all the players.

Did I mention we won the division?

I’d say we did more than okay this season…

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The Green Bay Packers played like champions and ended our Washington Redskins season Sunday in the Wild Card Playoffs. The Packers will move on in the postseason and play the Arizona Cardinals next and our Washington Redskins will deal with the disappointing loss and start making decisions to improve our team for next season and the future.

Our team played a good 1st quarter and were ahead 11 to 0, including a safety, a field goal, and a touchdown. Then the Packers scored 17 unanswered points and we finally got another touchdown to take the lead 18 to 17.  After that, the Packers dominated the line of scrimmage, pressured Kirk Cousins with 6 sacks. Our defense only sacked Aaron Rodgers once, plus a safety.  Kirk Cousins ran for one touchdown and threw for one touchdown and had no interceptions and 270 yards passing.  Most stats of the two teams were very close, i.e., time-of-possession,total yards.  

However, the Packers made the critical plays and our Redskins didn’t.  We must give the Packers credit for playing a good game on both sides of the ball.  In my opinion, the difference was their defense put more pressure on Cousins than we did on Aaron Rodgers. That caused hurried passes, missing some open receivers deep several times along with the inability to convert on 3rd down enough times to keep the drives going.  Also, in the Red Zone 4 times and only one touchdown.  Packers in the Red Zone 5 times and scored 4 times.  Our team missed some opportunities, but bottom line is the Green Bay Packers outplayed us.

This was a re-building year and there’s much improvement over 2014 and 2013.  We can be proud of our 2015 Washington Redskins team.  So, we need to move on after the disappointing playoff loss to the Packers and understand we have a lot to be excited about,  The future looks bright.  The offense has legitimate weapons in the passing game, they have a young offensive line and a good nucleus overall.  We can be proud of our team going from last to first and believe our team is moving in the right direction.  Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen will get the right players signed.  They will get us an ever stronger, deeper, better playoff team for 2016 season.

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