Redskins Revenge: Custer’s Last Stand in Dallas


Unfinished business? Not any more… When our Redskins went on the warpath this time they ‘balanced the books’ with Dallas to the tune of 34 to 23.

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The Tally Sheet:
My count says four straight wins with three on the road. The gravy? Our Washington Redskins really cleaned out the stalls this time in Dallas. Our boys didn’t forget that smug smile on Jerry Jones face on Pearl Harbor Day, and decided to give Jerry dose of ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ to remember us by. (while he watches the playoffs with Tony Romo on his couch)

‘Special K’ Highlights:
It’s important to note that while the Skins progress in all areas including turning around loses on the road is a team effort, we all know who the team’s leader is. Our previous loss to the Cowboys was avenged very nicely when our offense scored three touchdowns in the 1st quarter via three passes by Kirk “You like that?” Cousins. In the 2nd quarter Kirk Cousins broke the Redskins all time single season passing yardage record held by Jay Schroeder along with the Cowboys band wagon.  Coach Jay Gruden had Kirk hand the reins over to Colt McCoy early in the 2nd quarter only after we had a 24 point lead.  Kirk ended the regular season with 4166 yards – 173 in this game, three touchdowns and zero interceptions.  He probably has the highest passing completion percentage in the NFL, close to 70.

Other Offensive Highlights:
‘A Train’ Alfred Morris ran for about 100 yards, and backup quarterback Colt McCoy showed he had progressed a lot also since last year. Colt connected with ‘The Rocket’ Rashad Ross on a 71 yard touchdown proving once again that he has a “strong arm” with a crosshair scope on it.  Many statistics of this game are misleading, as coach Jay Gruden played a lot of non-starting players once we had the 24 point lead. At that point Colt McCoy got to see some live action in the ‘final roundup’.

Defensive Highlights:
Defensive stats reflect more domination as our Redskins had zero turnovers, 2 fumble take aways as well as 2 interceptions.  Playing hurt, Will Blackmon stopped the Cowboys from a redzone touchdown with a crucial interception and forced Cowboy running back Darren McFadden to fumble just before he crossed the goalline, stopping ANOTHER touchdown.  Our front seven made Kellen Moore hurry many of his passes.  

We did however have two defensive players get hurt – Dashaun Phillips and Kyshoen Jarrett each had neck injuries.  Phillips was taken off the field on a stretcher and was treated in a nearby hospital; the diagnosis was a cervical stinger. It appears Dashaun will be alright. Our All Pro left tackle Trent Williams didn’t play and is recovering from injuries.  In his place Ty Nsekhe had the daunting challenge of protecting our quarterback from Cowboys Greg Hardy.  Hardy had extra incentive to get four sacks: a cool million dollars, or 2 sacks for 500,000 bucks.  Ty prevented Hardy from collecting his big bonuses, and rumor has it that Hardy had to borrow money for Taco Bell after the game.

Surviving the ‘Pack Attack™’:
Our next victims? The Green Bay Packers at 4:30pm next Sunday.  I expect our team to be victorious, as long as they attention to detail.  All teams start the playoffs even-Steven; all records are ‘0 and 0.’  Regular season records don’t matter now, this is PLAYOFF time.  Our team has unity, and mentors who hold themselves & the younger players accountable.  All the negative, hateful words spoken by unfaithful fans and the media only made this team bond together to prove they aren’t dysfunctional. Our coaches are good coaches and our quarterbacks have worked hard to become a good quarterback tandem.

The bottom line? The 2015 Washington Redskins are winners.  Only the foolish bet against this team.  I know Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will be the favorites to win the game,  but they’ll find some hostile, angry Redskins on the warpath at FedEx Field ready to shred some cheese.

Hail, HTTR!

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