Week 16: Redskins Win More Than A Game in Philadelphia


The Washington Redskins obviously weren’t paying attention in preseason.

  • They forgot the “football experts” picked them to end up dead last in the NFL.
  • They forgot the “football experts” picked them to end up dead last in the NFC East Division.
  • Dan Snyder forgot he was supposed to keep Jerry Jones’ trophies and Roger Goodell’s Mercedes polished.
  • Jay Gruden forgot he was supposed to cut Chip Kelly’s yard and take out Tom Coughlin’s garbage.
  • And last but not least Kirk Cousins forgot he wasn’t supposed to be “starting quarterback” material.
    Instead they stomped a 30 burger mudhole in the Philadelphia Eagles, shocked everyone except the Redskins players, coaches & fans and committed “Grand Theft Division™” in front of a TV audience numbering in the tens of millions.

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    In fact only the team, coaches, and true Redskins faithful believed this team would win the division and be in the playoffs. Oops…

    We had faith that new General Manager Scot McCloughan would make our team a winner like he did in Seattle and San Francisco by picking the right players in the NFL draft and through Free Agency.  We had faith that head coach Jay Gruden’s offense that got the Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs three consecutive years would get the Washington Redskins to the playoff also.  We had faith in our players who made the team.

    Our faith was tested when the injury bug hit out team hard; we lost a lot of starters. The media was so negative about our team, head coach, and quarterback Kirk Cousins and after 6 games – our record was 2 and 4.  Most of us knew our team was better than our record since we had lost 2 games we could have won. Our faith was tested when our team was a work in progress and it seemed we could not win on the road.  But our team, and coaches, overcame mistakes and adversity and worked hard to prove we were not dysfunctional, not the worst team in the NFL and could compete with any team.   I knew when I saw this team UNITE against the Texans and fight for each other that this team believed in each other and had bonded.  This team does not back down from any team.

    To Be, or Not to Be?
    Then Saturday night the day after Christmas, our team knew all their hard work could go unrewarded unless they won on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles. They knew a loss would keep the Eagles and NY Giants in the race to win the division.  This team went into their stadium convinced that the Redskins were the best team and would not be denied the division championship.

    “How the Cow Ate the Cabbage”

    Our defense was on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford like a pit bull on a pork chop. The Eagles were only down 6 points when DeAngelo Hall scooped up a fumble and ran for a defensive touchdown putting our Redskins ahead by 13 points.  Quarterback Kirk Cousins completed 31-of-46 passes for 365 yards with four touchdowns and zero interceptions. He finished the game with a passer rating of 120.3   In fact, over the last nine weeks, Cousins has thrown for 2,570 yards with 20 touchdowns, three interceptions and 8.6 yards-per-attempt.

    General Manager Scot McCloughan acquired the veteran running back Pierre Thomas a few short weeks ago.  Pierre has the ‘team first’ mentality and was eager to help our Redskins any way possible.  He is a good leader and mentor to the younger players. Thomas caught seven catches for 67 yards and rushed for 22 yards on four carries. Jordan Reed had another great night and should have been selected to the Pro Bowl. Reed caught a team-high nine passes for a season-high 129 yards and two touchdowns, and broke the Redskins’ single-season receiving yardage record of 849.

    It’s obvious Kirk Cousins has gained confidence in his receivers and in himself, and this offense has the potential to “explode on contact”.  DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed are great receivers and don’t be surprised to see us win in the playoffs.   Haters and critics will say our Redskins have not beaten any teams with winning records, but we have beaten teams who beat teams with winning records.  This team can beat any team.

    Rest up for the Playoffs or kick some Jerry Jones Butt?
    Coach Jay Gruden has the luxury of deciding who to rest and who to play against the Dallas Cowboys final regular season game.  Our Skins have won the division and maybe the game doesn’t really matter, or does it? We’ve won 3 straight games; if we make it four straight we go into the playoffs sharp – with momentum & confidence.  Dallas knows they got lucky and escaped with a victory in the first game and they would love to sweep us.  We can’t give them that satisfaction.


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