Week 16: Redskins @ Eagles – Time to “Sweep” The Trash

“The first time’s the charm, the second time it’s payback”

Our Washington Redskins will clinch the NFC East Division with a win at Philadelphia vs the Eagles. Although the Eagles are a game behind and lost to the Arizona Cardinals & the Redskins had a big win over the Buffalo Bills, this is a division game.  The Philadelphia Eagles will hit us with everything they have and they know they must win or else our Redskins will be the NFC East champs.

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Fast & Furious Pt. II:
I expect the Eagles to start out fast and furious with many quickly executed pre-planned plays. If we win the coin toss, we need to receive the ball and march down the field on opening drive and score a touchdown, thus making the Eagles come from behind.  The Redskins have scored an opening drive touchdown in each of their last 2 games. Both drives were at least 10 plays and 80+ yards. Last Sunday vs Buffalo Bills was Washington’s third opening drive TD of the season.

Other keys to victory:  

  • Stop the Eagles running game, period. Darren Sproles has to be contained – the Cardinals did it, we can too. We stop the run and we run, we win. Our defense has to be ready to stop the fast and furious Eagles offense.
  • Pressure and sack Sam Bradford and he will make bad throws.  Must hit and sack Bradford. He is not that mobile.  When we get a lead, “keep on keepin on” and do not let up and get soft. Keep up the pressure for 4 quarters, ’cause the Eagles are capable of coming back after being behind. Our coaches watched film and saw how the Cardinals beat the Eagles 40 to 17.
    The Bottom Line:
    Make Sam Bradford feel the pressure of starting out behind and staying behind on the scoreboard.

    Our guys have to go into Philadelphia with the attitude we are the best team in the NFC and beat them in their house.  If we score first, it’ll keep their crowd from getting too loud and into the game.  We all know Philadelphia is a tough place to play and they love to beat our Redskins. Our defense has to know we can beat the Eagles.  Our offense must believe as the Cardinals did that they can run on the Eagles.  MOJO, Alfred Morris and Matt Jones need to know the Eagles cannot tackle them and bust through the line and secondary.

    Eagles head coach Chip Kelly: (after the loss to the Cardinals)

    “The biggest disappointment is that we didn’t tackle well. In games where we haven’t been successful defensively, it has come down to that … I just know flat out we didn’t tackle well.”

    Kirk Cousins needs to pretend he is at home. 5 rushing touchdowns this season, only 2 behind the Redskins single season rushing record by a quarterback held by Robert Griffin III with 7. Kirk has been accurate passing, 16 touchdowns in last 8 games with only 3 interceptions, Our offense, coaches must KNOW in their KNOWER if the Arizona Cardinals can get almost 500 yards on the Eagles, we can too.  I know DeSean Jackson wants to show Chip Kelly how good he is.  I expect DeSean to have a big day.  I expect A-Train Morris to run strong.  

    Look for Jordan Reed to have a lot of catches too. Now my hole card in this poker game is Pierre Thomas,running back we recently acquired.  I expect him to show Darren Sproles he can run too.  Watch newly signed tight end Alex Smith play well as well. He knows the system and language, having played under Jay Gruden with the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s a good blocker and has great hands.

    Here it is – Although we had lots of starter injuries and our team has had to overcome a lot of adversity,  the goal is still the same: Win the NFC East Division and host a playoff game.  It hasn’t been easy or like we drew it up but beat the hated Eagles and we do just that. Now’s the time to prove we deserve to be in the playoffs by beating the Eagles.

    This team has a special bond, a ‘closeness’.  Great blend of young players who had to step up quickly due to starter injuries and veterans from winning Super Bowl teams.  Those veteran players have shown leadership and toughness.  Our defense if physical, smart, and is getting better and better.  Our offense is loaded with great receivers, a tight end with Jordan Reed that nobody can cover.  A deep threat that no team can cover one on one,DeSean Jackson.  One of the best clutch receivers in the NFL with Pierre Garcon.  Quarterback Kirk Cousins has shown he has improved and become a quality NFL quarterback.

    I expect the Eagles to fight hard and give us their best shot,but our Redskins will prevail.  The Eagles say its “Do or Die”, I say “DIE EAGLES DIE”, no more FLY EAGLES FLY.

    The Washington Redskins will be the NFC East Champs with a dominating road victory in Philadelphia.  

    Hail, HTTR!

    Video Credit: Clip courtesy of Youtube.com

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