Bills @ Redskins Week 15: Time Is Winding Down


It’s time.  Time to win our last regular season home-game.  It’s time to win two games in a row.  It’s time to get a balanced running and passing attack.  It’s time for our offense to capitalize on turnovers by scoring points.  It’s time for our offense to score over 30 points a game.  It’s time to make the blocks, tackles, and execute each and every play.

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Our Washington Redskins have the offense to get over 30 points a game minimum.  Our quarterback Kirk Cousins needs to take that next step in his progress and change plays at the line of scrimmage when necessary.  In this game we will see more of Pierre Thomas and Alex Smith, two new additions to our team.  Pierre Thomas is a good runningback who can run and catch passes and is dangerous after the catch.  He was a large part of the New Orleans Saints success since Drew Brees became their quarterback.  Alex Smith is a good tightend, and knows this  system as he played under Jay Gruden with the Cincinnati Bengals. Smith is a good blocker too and will help our run game.

We’ll beat the Buffalo Bills by scoring on their overrated defense.  The Bills are 26th in allowing long passing plays, they’re only 30th in sacks, 17th in 3rd down conversion percentage, and allow 358.8 yards a game.  Bills Stephon Gilmore is a shutdown cornerback – but he’s injured and out for the season. Now, if the Bills are weak against long passes and their best cornerback is not playing, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon and others should be able to burn them deep.  Kirk Cousins has not turned the ball over in the 4th quarter and has ZERO interceptions in the Red Zone.  I hope to see more playaction and bootlegs to help Cousins avoid sacks and want to see some vertical passing deep when DeSean Jackson is single covered or open downfield.

Our defense can stop the Bills who like to run the ball.  We stop their run, we win the game,  Their quarterback Tyrod Taylor, is not a real “Closer”.  He has only one touchdown in the 4th quarter in the last 6 games and when he meets the Skins that won’t feed the bulldog.  When Kirk Cousins and the offense wins the time-of-possession and scores on long drives, our defense will have the fresh legs to sack their quarterback Taylor and cause turnovers.  So, those who predict the Bills to win the game will find our Redskins are on the warpath.  They ‘ll see our players have the ability, confidence, and the motivation to WIN.  They are sick and tired of the media criticizing them, their quarterback, their coaches.  Redskins win this game and get inspired to pluck the feathers out of the Philadelphia Eagles and put them in warbonnets and then go beat the Dallas Cowboys and take the NFC East in this 3 game season.

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