Message To The Redskins Nation: At 3 and 5 We’re Still Alive!

As all-weather Washington Redskins faithful “Rev T” said on his famous radio show just this week:

“We 3 and 5, we still alive!”

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Truly positive Redskins fans say 3 and 5, Keep Hope Alive.  We can get to .500, 5 and 5 by winning the next two games.  As our headcoach Jay Gruden says, “We can’t look beyond the Saints.”  A victory this Sunday will get us closer to 1st place since I predict the NY  Giants will fall to the New England Patriots.

What must our Redskins do in order to beat the favored Saints?  Our 12th MAN has to be loud and supportive of our team.  Coach Gruden need to receive the ball if we win the coin toss and NOT defer.  Facing a quarterback like Drew Brees who has 18 touchdowns this season already and 2763 yards passing, we do not want him to score first and try to play catch-up.  We need to get the ball and march down and score and make him come from behind, putting pressure on him – in other words, we have to “Get down on it!”

Our defense is better than their defense which gives us a advantage most overlook.  If we pressure Brees with different packages disguised, he is only human,  He will throw interceptions, get balls batted down, get sacked, hurried, hit.  This is critical to a victory for the Redskins. Pressure Brees and we win. Run the ball and we win. Saints are not much on defense nor do they have a great running game. They even have a new backup quarterback who doesn’t know the system yet. So the Saints know they have to protect Brees or they will lose.  Our defense must face this challenge and prevail. Need some sacks, sack fumbles, hurries, hits, and stay on him like white on rice. But make no mistake – the offense is one thing, the defense is another, but the Saints better watch out for that 12th man!

I know our receivers are very good and Kirk Cousins has become an accurate passer who is seldom sacked.  Against the Saints, we must score points.  I want to see our offense score at least 31 points. I want to see our defense make Brees uncomfortable and frustrated and hopefully spending a lot of time on the sidelines watching our team drive down the field winning the time-of-possession battle.

Note to Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins, LET R RIP. find DeSean Jackson one on one and have faith Jackson will be the one to catch the pass. Going Deep. That will open up our running game and drive that long-haired ugly defensive coordinator Ryan crazy.  I want to see him crying  and upset on TV. Need to see Jamison Crowder on the field with Jordan Reed and Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.  What is going on with Rashad Ross? Need to ‘release the rocket”

Sean McVay needs to be less predictable in his play calling in my view. Create something Saints won’t see in their film room. Joe Barry gets my next suggestion. Tired of seeing a lot of missed tackles by Perry Riley and others, so get it fixed. We cannot take the NFC East by letting runners run over 100 yards each on us all season long. Our defense is capable and talented enough to stop the run. You see the film. If somebody can’t tackle or follow the plan, replace them. If Vince Lombardi saw our team’s run defense last 5 weeks, he would be yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE???” “They’re grabbing, not tackling.”

I want to share this with my fellow Redskins fans. Please listen to this radio show.  We 3 and 5, we still alive as Rev T says.  Co-host Mrs Kirk Cousins says “we 3 and 5,keep hope alive.”  You can hear their edifying, inspiring, and informative broadcast every Tuesday night from 8 to 10 pm  Call in if you want to speak your mind,ask questions. 302-703-7496 I highly recommend this program. They pull no punches and are the real deal.  You may even hear me on the broadcast this coming Tuesday getting my brain picked or even “roasted”. I do expect to be happy about a victory over the New Orleans Saints and we are 4 and 5 and still alive.

Follow Rev T and co-hosts on TWITTER, and here’s the link to Rev T’s last podcast:

Rev T has one last parting message for us: “BELIEVE!”

Thanks Rev T! Hail, HTTR!

Picture Credit: Video clips courtesy of Rev T”

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