Week 10: Redskins vs Saints


Event: XXXThe Washington Redskins vs The New Orleans Saints
On The Line: XXXXXXXXXXX 3-5 XXvsXX 4-5
Place: XXXFedExField
Date: XXX Sunday, November 15
Time: XXX12:00 PM CST
Venue: XXFox Sports TV

Bottom line?

Pro’s: Kirk Cousins has the chance to do battle with one of the best QB’s of all time, and the Redskins have the chance for bragging rights and a .500 record

Con’s: When we stomp a mud-hole in the Saints, we’ll have to pay the grounds crew overtime to fix the damage to the field

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Our Washington Redskins will play the New Orleans Saints on our homefield and our 12th man will help us win the game like they did when we beat the Eagles and Bucs. Our team and coaches are itching to prove the Redskins are capable and a talented enough to beat a good team like the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints are 5 games behind the undefeated NFC South Division leader Carolina Panthers, 3 games behind the 6-3 Atlanta Falcons and one game ahead of the Bucs, but only by virtue of the Buc’s bye week.  The 4-5 Saints are as desperate for a win as our Redskins are at 3-5. Both teams lost this past Sunday and both teams have their areas that need improvement.  The Saints are better than their record however (as are we) and usually in the playoffs.

Drew Brees is respected throughout the NFL as one of the top rated quarterbacks. He has won a Superbowl and been in postseason games with the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.  Two weeks ago he threw 7 touchdowns in one game to beat the Giants, so he can light us up like a Roman candle if we don’t stand our ground. If our defense doesn’t put pressure on him constantly and get some hits & sacks, Brees and their offense can score a lot of points.

Expect this to be an “In Your Face” game, so the defensive KEY to VICTORY is for our defense to pressure Drew Brees like a hog on a corn cob. Also, we need to make sure we don’t give up over 100 yards rushing to them, which has been an issue the last 4 games.

Offensive KEYS to VICTORY are we must be successful running the football and keep our defense resting while our offense controls the time of possession with long touchdown scoring drives.  This will cause Brees fewer snaps, plays, and opportunities.  In short, we need to run the ball and stop them from running the ball.

DeSean Jackson is our deep threat and needs more passes thrown his way,preferably deep.  If he is single covered, the odds are he will be the one to catch the deep pass instead of the defender.  However, if the deep ball is intercepted deep, its no big deal – it will be as good as a 55 yard punt with no return, and put the other teams offense inside their own 10 yard line.  That puts pressure on them to get out of that situation without a fumble or interception because a turnover down there usually results in points for the other team.  No quarterback wants to start a drive inside their own 10 yardline.

I have confidence in our headcoach and his staff are working hard to mold our team into a playoff caliber team.  I know there is no quick fix and it takes time and hard work.  The “finished product” is not ready yet.  We still are in the hunt and can win the NFC East.  The only team with a winning record at this point are the NY Giants at 5-4, who will lose their next game when they play the undefeated New England Patriots.  There’s lots of football left and I believe our team will end up NFC East Champions and be in the playoffs. We have to start winning games and we need to start this week by beating the New Orleans Saints.

Jay Gruden needs to bet Saints headcoach Sean Payton on the game and when we win, Sean Payton has to send our team enough Jambalaya for the entire team.  Hail, HTTR!

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