Patriots Defeat Redskins 27 to 10


Yesterday (as you already know) the New England Patriots beat the Washington Redskins 27 to 10. On the other hand an asteroid didn’t wipe out the New England coast, California didn’t slide into the ocean, Yellowstone Park didn’t disappear under megatons of volcanic pyroclastic debris, and Europe wasn’t invaded by masses of un-dead zombies.


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That’s not to say it was a wonderful day in Mister Gruden’s Rogers Neighborhood, for the team the Patriots defeated so handily in Gillette Stadium didn’t even resemble our Washington Redskins team – for they didn’t play Redskins football. Defensive end Ricky Jean Francois had this to say after the disappointing loss:

“We didn’t execute – We didn’t come out and do what we needed to do to win the game or even just be closer in the damn ball game. We didn’t do what we needed to do to win, we didn’t play Redskins football.”

‘Murphy’s Law’ took over from the start. We won the coin toss and instead of receiving the ball and working the ball downfield and scoring, our coach chose to defer and give the Patriots first crack at it. As a result Tom Brady and his offense went down the field and scored first. We had them stopped on a 4th down and 2 yards, but New England coach Bill Belichick chose to go for it and was successful. 

Murphy’s Law continued as Pierre Garcon dropped a pass that was perfect and it bounce into an interception.  Then he and other normally sure-handed receivers all dropped passes, 7 or 8 times. In the meantime, our defense could not stop the Patriots from running the ball nor stop them from converting 3rd and long downs into 1st downs. By the time the 1st half was over, the Patriots had dominated and lead our race car by several laps. 

Belichick’s Law (oops) Murphy’s Law also affected our team after the Patriots had scored on their opening drive by recovering an “on-side-kick” catching our team by surprise and the ball being dropped by Redskins Ryan Grant and recovered by Patriots linebacker Jonathan Freeny. No point really in discussing the loss further.  Our team played way below their ability and we couldn’t get the running-game going nor any balance. Our lone touchdown came in the closing seconds of the game and was a non-factor.  Our defense gave up 129 yards to their running back LeGarrette Blount alone.

So, in conclusion, and to be honest, our Redskins had an “off day” to say the least.  However, no point in dwelling on this game.  It was their day and not ours. Old Louisiana Proverb goes like this, “De sun just don’t shine on every dog’s butt everyday.”  “MURPHY’s LAW” bit our team today;  it happens to all teams sooner or later.

On a positive note, wide receiver DeSean Jackson played his first game since his injury early in Game 1 and got some game time, as he works his way back.  (It takes a little time to do that) He missed all of the preseason also, so he and quarterback Kirk Cousins need more practice time to get their timing down together.  DeSean runs routes faster than other receivers so Kirk will have to make an adjustment for Jackson’s speed.  Another positive note is our team does have pride and will bounce back up and practice hard and get ready to play the next game, which will be against the New Orleans Saints.

The New York Giants won and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the  Dallas Cowboys  so the NFC East Division is still a tight race. Washington Redskins can still win the division.  Look out Saints, our Redskins will prove they are better than they played against the Patriots.

Hail, HTTR ! ! !

(Oh, and no baby seals were harmed during the writing of this article either.)


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