Redskins Pluck The Eagles – 23 to 20


Getting “Down and Dirty“:

When Kirk Cousins lead our Redskins to a “come from behind” victory over the favored Philadelphia Eagles, he had to throw for almost 300 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions. He also rushed for a one yard unplanned touchdown.   The muddy ball squirted out like a greased tree frog but Kirk alertly recovered it, then drove his body hard into the line and crossed the goal line for the touchdown. 

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Watching Kirk Cousins play this season, it is obvious that he has more confidence and knows the “Gruden system” better and becoming a good quarterback.  He also has great character and leadership qualities and has worked hard to make himself a winning quarterback and silence the critics.I see our Redskins as a team who has the talent and potential to be a playoff team and division winner.

Kirk is proving to be a good quarterback and the Oline is much improved.  Our defense had 5 sacks and could have had several more.  Some defensive players were playing hurt and still managed to stop the Eagles powerful running attack.  Redskins are one of the best in the NFL at stopping the run.  When we get healthy again in the secondary, we will be a top ranked defense overall.

It’s all About Teamwork:

Spencer Long and Trent Murphy stepped up and played well.  Chris Thompson showed us he will be another weapon.  I cannot say enough about Pierre Garcon’s play, dedication, attitude, and how much he means to our team.  He played outstandingly.

Jamison Crowder seems to have won the starting slot receiver spot. He had seven catches for 65 yards, including a clutch 22-yard circus catch on a third down to keep the drive alive.  Eight of our 11 starters on offense are our draft picks.  Six of the 11 on defense are our draft picks and other draft picks like linebacker Preston Smith come in on certain downs.

One has to be blind not to see the “culture change” and our draft picks showing they are worthy of wearing Burgundy and Gold.  Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen have done well getting us winners in the draft. 

Playing Through The Pain:

Our team knows they can come from behind and win.  We had several players who played hurt against the Eagles, Ryan Kerrigan had a hip pointer which slowed him down and probably kept him from having a few sacks also.  Our good cornerback Chris Culliver was hurt also but gutted it out.  Hopefully he will be 100 percent for the next game vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Impressive Stats From Week 4:

Our team rushed 127 yards against the number one ranked run defense in the NFL. We had 41.08 to the Eagles 18.52 winning the “time of possession” battle.  Skins had 25 first downs to their 14.

Meanwhile, Back At Atlanta:

Yea, they’re good, BUT… An unbeaten team playing at home might get overconfident. As usual our Washington Redskins will be the underdogs.  The pressure will be on them, not us.  The Eagles almost beat the Falcons. We showed we can beat the Eagles and the Rams and should have beaten the Dolphins.  With our defense who can stop the run and a good pass rush, we should be able to pressure Matt Ryan and cause him to have a bad day. 

Points vs Penalties:

I suspect Captain Kirk will need to rack up more points than 23 to beat the Falcons, so we need more touchdowns and less field goals.  With the weapons we have on offense, runners and receivers and a very good Oline, we should be scoring over 30 points a game,  We would too, if not for the penalties.  We did have 10 penalties for 110 yards so that needs some attention and correction. If our team can have much less penalties, we will have more scoring drives.

A victory over the Falcons will earn us some major respect…

Who wants to pluck some Dirty Birds next?

Hail, HTTR!

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