Week 3: Washington Redskins at NY Giants


psssttt… (I gotta hot tip for youse guys)

The Washington Redskins are going to beat the NY Giants football team, and we’re going to do it Thursday nght…

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Forget about 2014, and forget the crap that the sportswriters keep talking about. The truth? 2014 has absolutely nothing to do with our current team. Our 2015 defense is much better so not ‘in a hole early down alot of points”: Our OLINE is showing the effects of coaching by Bill Callahan and our OLINE is dominating the opposing teams defensive lines. “A Train” Morris has a great backup in Matt Jones,so TNT in the backfield. Reed is healthy and productive. Cousins has improved and adjusting better to the ‘system”.

None of our quarterbacks did well last year with that Oline and defense. The negative articles about the skins prove the writers do NOT know football and have not studied our team objectively and without bias. I like our Redskins being the “underdog” and “under the radar.


They’ll soon know we have the NUMBER ONE DEFENSE IN THE NFL. We have four of the best running backs in the NFL. We have 3, THREE young, smart, high caliber quarterbacks on our team and an Oline that is pancaking the opponents defensive line.


Our team will get better and better, because I know this offense when DeSean Jackson returns is capable of scoring 40 points a game. Our backups? Some are ONE PLAY AWAY from starting and I am glad we have Robert Griffin III and Colt McCoy ready to step in to do what it takes for the win. Might even do better (“wink”). A quarterback injury will not destroy our team like it does most teams.

Running the football, controlling the clock and time of possession, and long drives ending in touchdowns is REDSKINS football. Look for us to beat the Giants in their house in New Jersey. 31 to 20(or less than 20) SKINS win. Dallas Cowboys  will stumble as they always do and the Philadelphia Eagles can’t handle our running game so I KNOW we will win the NFC East and be in the playoffs.HTTR.

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