Starting Quarterback: Redskins Weren’t Confused, The Media Was


Leave it to Mike Florio to start some sh_t, then ride it like a pony for days:

“If the goal for the Washington football organization is to confuse anyone and everyone possible, mission accomplished.”

Earth to Mike Florio: If it’s anyones goal to confuse the fans, it must be Pro Football Talk and Fox news.

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Just for the record, the purposely insulting Redskins meme above wasn’t posted this morning after the team finalized the decision, it was posted on a Fox broadcast of the Sunday Saints game with the Texans – before the decision to start Cousins had even been made. It took Fox a while to figure out their mistake and post a new meme, there must have been a Redskins fan in the broadcast booth to help wipe the egg off their face.

Mike, Fox, Redskins fans aren’t total dummazzes, even if you and the NFL think so. In fact all the “multiple sources, and confirming multiple reports that you mention muddying up the stream are all media know-it-all pundits. Why don’t you pay attention to your very own words?

“He’s the head coach and it’s his call,” one source said. “All are on board with the process and support the coach.”

A lot of speculation and “anonymous sources” (lies) articles have been posted for days by sportswriters concerning Robert Griffin III, and which quarterback will be our starter week one vs Miami when the regular season starts. Remember this, everyone in Washington is on the same page regarding the roles and responsibilities. G.M. Scot McCloughan is in charge of the roster, which soon will be at 53, and coach Jay Gruden decides who will play. Now soon the team will be cut down to 75, then down to final 53. Scot will be the main one who decides the final roster. That is his role as General Manager and he has been successful.

Does Scot McCloughan want Robert Griffin III as our regular starting quarterback? That’s the bottom line. My opinion is yes but today’s decision has to do with Roberts concussion, this 3rd of his short life, next years 16 mil salary and how he has played and looks on film. McCoy and Cousins both have played well and seem to be grasping the system, but as we know now Kirk got the nod for the Miami game.

When the decision was made this AM to start Kirk Cousins in Week 1 against Miami, I know our owner Dan Snyder had a lot to do with the decision. Snyder trusts Bruce Allen, Scot McCloughan and Jay Gruden to run the team, and I do too – period. Whatever Scot feels is in the best interest of the Washington Redskins will continue to be final.

I have my biased opinion, as we all do. I think Robert Griffin III should have been our starter vs Miami if he was 100 percent healthy. I still believe he gives us the best chance to win and is going to be an elite quarterback, I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I am happy we have Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy, but RG3 is more athletic and with Trent Williams back at left tackle and Bill Callahan’s coaching the Oline and a good running game and our posse of great receivers and strong defense, Robert can get us to the NFC East Championship and NFC Championship and Super Bowl winner. RG3 has overcome adversity, serious injuries, is of great character and is a winner. He is a good man, husband,father,son,friend, and teammate. He has been a victim of a witchhunt by the media.

Coaches should have had RG3 operate in the shotgun in preseason games one and two. He would have been more productive and avoided the pressure and hits. Kirk Cousins supporters have good reasons to want him for our starter.  I believe he also is an NFL quality quarterback and could be a starter. He has played exceptionally well and much improved. Colt McCoy has learned alot in the NFL and is fitting into Jay Gruden’s system. We are fortunate to have all three young quarterbacks.  Sometimes in the season, a team gets down to the 3rd quarterback.  Good to have one who knows the system, language.

Having said that, I will continue to support our team no matter if Robert Griffin III isn’t the starting quarterback. When Kirk Cousins is our starter, I will support him. If Colt McCoy is our starter, I will support him too. Hail, HTTR.

P.S. I remember back in George Allen days, some of us wanted Sonny Jurgensen and some of us wanted Billy Kilmer. But us Sonny Jurgensen supporters still rooted for Billy Kilmer who lead us to a Super Bowl and we would have won it if not for alot of injuries to our starters on offense. Sonny had the best arm in football,pure passer with touch on the ball.  Billy’s passes resembled “wounded ducks”.  But the coach is the coach,and its a team sport. Not all about the quarterback, it’s about the team.

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