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So how did the starting left tackle of the Washington Redskins end up with a nickname like “Silverback”? Well, as we all know right-handed quarterbacks have a blind side and its the left tackle who is mainly responsible for protecting the quarterback on pass plays. The “Silverback” nickname comes from the huge alpha male gorillas known for their protective nature and his leadership.  

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Williams was selected in the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft, Commissioner Roger Goodell  introduced the First Round pick as Trent “Silverback” Williams.  Williams has been selected to the Pro Bowl 3 times already.

Trent played his college football at University of Oklahoma and selected All American.  He stands 6’5″ tall, 330 lbs,10 inch hands and regarded as one of the top 100 NFL players and an elite left-tackle.  He has been selected to the NFL’s TOP 100 Players for 2014 and 2015.  What makes him so elite is he can quickly kickout,block and cut off the angle creating a hole,space for the runningback to gain positive yards.

Williams also is capable of blocking the backside of an offense play.He knows how to punch,anchor,great footwork, terms Oline players,coaches know about. Being a left tackle is more than meets they eye. and Redskins have one of the best. Very seldom does he give up a sack, He has held his own against Marcus Ware and the best passrushers in the NFL.

With Trent as our left tackle, Bill Callahan our new Oline coach, a healthy Morgan Moses, our 1st round draft pick Brandon Scherff and other quality Oline players competing for the Oline, our Redskins should be able to establish a strong running game again balanced with an explosive passing game.

In the Redskins’ Wildcard playoff loss against the Seattle Seahawks on January 6, 2013, Williams struck Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the face. (probably trying to swat a mosquito).   He was fined $7,875 for the punch.  We all know how Richard Sherman is, so he probably earned that punch.

The NFL will be surprised when the Washington Redskins go from last place to winning the NFC East this season.  Their “team crushes” on the Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, and Cowboys has kept them from noticing all the upgrades made on defense and Oline. Hail, HTTR!


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