Hog Alert: Brandon Scherff, New Sheriff in Town


The words we’ve been waiting to hear:

“The Washington Redskins are on the clock. With the 5th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select Brandon Scherff”

With that pick, Bill Callahan will have another good prospect for our Oline to pass-protect our quarterback and run-block for our running backs. Our Oline needed help, mainly at right guard and I believe Brandon Scherff will be our starting right guard when the season opens. Hopefully we will get two more good Oline guys in this draft.

leonardskinsX LeonardSkins
RedskinsTailgate GM, Senior Staff Writer

Great Olines work as a team, and have stunts and pulling guards and all kinds of plays when the ball is snapped. This requires each of the 5 linemen to be on the same page for each pass or run play that is called. It takes brawn, but also intelligence and teamwork to be successful in protecting the quarterback and opening big holes for the runners to run through for positive yards.

With Brandon Scherff, Trent William and a good center and two other good Oline players, Robert Griffin III will have time to read, plant his feet and execute. If RGIII stays unharmed and not sacked our great receivers like the DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon will be able to burn the defenses. Also as a great run blacker, Scherff can help ‘A Train’ Alfred Morris and other running backs be productive. Yes, I believe Brandon Scherff is a great choice.

Many experts and football people in the know picked Brandon Scherff as the best overall Oline player, He can play several positions on the line also. In my view, the most critical position for Brandon to fill is right guard. We have the best Oline coach in Bill Callahan and I am confident our Oline will make us proud this season and make it possible for our offense to be the best in the NFL, or one of the top offenses.

I would like to see at least two more good Oline players drafted in thie draft. Too many times we have had injuries and not enough depth and our Olines sent downhill. It all starts with the big guys up front. No team can be successful in the NFL without a good Oline and good defense. Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen are getting us the players to fill those needs. I’m very optimistic our Washington Redskins will take the NFC East this season and make it to the Playoffs.

Hail, HTTR!


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