A Female Referee? Well, it’s about !*($#% TIME !!!


From Sarah Thomas, a Mississippi native:

“I do honor the fact that many people consider me a trailblazer, but I’ve been doing this because I love it. When you’re out there officiating, the guys don’t think of me as a female. They want me to be just like them – just be an official.”

However this is the part that got my attention the most:

“But my goal has always been to be the best line judge I could be.”

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The National Football League (no fun league) on Wednesday said it will be hiring a woman for the first time to officiate games full-time. The woman who earned the position? Sarah Thomas, a 41 year old mother of three children. She’s been proving herself in the NFL”s Officiating Development Program, making it to the Conference level. She is not being appointed as a “politically correct” statement nor because of the pressure from women’s groups. She has accomplished this the “old fashioned way”, she earned it.

I want an honest official who knows the rules and is totally unbiased in his or her officiating. I’ve been a Washington Redskins fan for 45 years now and sports-writing for last 10 years and I have found out that women, especially Redskins women are not just pretty cheerleaders, but they know as much about football as the men do,or more! They also handle the purse strings of the family and decide who and when a new jersey or NFL merchandise is bought by the members of the family or themselves. It is my opinion that a qualified woman can do as good a job or better than a male official can.

From what I have witnessed since the “Great Theft” when the official blew the call in the end-zone when George Allen’s over-the-hill gang(Pat Fischer #37) broke up a pass in the end-zone against the Cardinals that meant the, Redskins won the game and made the playoffs, but the official incorrectly called it a touchdown for the Cardinals and gave the Cardinals the victory. I am still mad about that bad call. LOL. In other words, a woman cant do any worse than the men have done. We all have seen tons of bad calls over the years so I say HAIL Sarah Thomas and congratulations! Keep it the ‘American Way’.

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6 thoughts on “A Female Referee? Well, it’s about !*($#% TIME !!!

  1. I think it’s obvious Cathy and I, being intelligent and knowledgeable football fans, as well as, being female and therefore uniquely qualified to speak on the subject, are in agreement and Len is merely trying to be pc about it. Of course, given the Cowboy/Redskins rivalry, he can’t really concede that we “won” this one!

  2. Len, go back and read Classy’s comment again. The way I understand it, she not only agreed with Cathy, but added several more important points to back her up with.

  3. Like in so many issues, there are at least two schools of thought, different views. I respect all points of view, and try to be objective. I think in this case, its not a problem.
    Cowboy fans have the right to their wrong opinion.

  4. A woman being appointed to officiate in the NFL, not a politically correct maneuver? OMG…Child Please! The NFL has been falling all over itself, ever since Roger Goodell blew the whole Ray Rice video thing,and ended up taking heat. Now, as the ultimate act of atonement they’re bringing in a skirt to help quiet any lingering feminist backlash by installing a female in a position of quasi power in an area of constant controversy …officiating. The NFL is now adding insult to injury, as intelligent, self-respecting women football fans do not want to see other women as tokens, in a mess created by a bunch of men of The No Fun League. But, I guess rather than choosing the intelligent solution to the many problems with officiating and spending a few dollars on cameras, the opportunistic men atop the NFL food chain are going for a new controversy and are bringing in a women official for the regular season, because controversy sells!

    There are plenty of officiating jobs for women in women’s professional sports so why is there a need for women officials now in the NFL? The last thing I want to see happen to the sport I love is it being morphed even further into some unisex equal opportunity. It’s bad enough that we have to endure the barbie doll, air-headed bimbettes on the sidelines with their canned questions of players read from que cards, but, at least we can “mute” them or leave the room for a refreshment break. I want to hear football commentary from Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Gonzalez…guys who have been there, made their bones and are actual authorities on what’s going on with the game on the field.

    I hear men whining constantly about how football is being “wussified” and ruined by the new rules regulating contact, what’s legal, and out-and-out changes in the game, and I agree that it’s becoming a sport almost unrecognizeable from the game that we grew up with, that was”our daddy’s NFL”. Integrating women into the mix will only serve to hasten that “wussification” and for what possible reason? You can’t have it both ways! If football is to stay the game we grew up with and love, then it should remain as unchanged as possible and that includes the absence of women except as cheerleaders!

  5. I am totally against women in men”s sports, especially my football, As a Cowboy fan, I am also a NFL fan and if I want to see women referee, I will watch women’s football, basketball, I don’t approve. I am sure this that pussy Roger BADell sucking up to the pressure from women groups regarding players involved in domestic violence, Godell is such an idiot, Anyway, nice site uncle, luv ya. look awesome for a deadskin site. And stop picking on my sugar daddy Jerry, too. I’m already pissed off losing Murray to the Eagles.

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