Winning Off the Field Has To Happen First


If NFL football was easy, anyone could be a champion.

However, winning at the professional level is a full time job, regardless of the offseason –

…and more of the game is played off the field than on.


So, the game has evolved over the years into a process by which the coaches and staff are as hard-pressed as the players.
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Scot McCloughan, new General Manager of our Washington Redskins, has already taken action through Free Agency that has improved our team. He is dedicated to making our Redskins winners again with a strong roster of players, just as he did with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. I already see much improvement in our defense through his Free Agency transactions. I’m a believer in Scot McCloughan and I know he and President Bruce Allen and all our coach staff will make us proud.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Scot uses our 1st Round pick as we get to pick 5th. Will he select the best player available? Or… will he choose to trade down and get more picks from another team such as Cleveland? Scot is keeping his “poker face” and his cards close to his vest, Regardless what he does, it will be the best for the Redskins. Personally, I hope he trades down and get more picks, because he knows how to pick good players.

Teamwork is the name of the game and brings success. I know Scot McCloughan is a team player and he and Bruce Allen are “winning the game off the field” by their transactions and are not mortgaging the future years or wasting money on unwise transactions. The will get us the players who give us the best opportunity to win. I am “on board”, HAIL HTTR.


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  2. Study your American History,please child. Never learned about Little Big Horn? Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Crazy Horse and ROMO’s LAST STAND??? Prepare for getting swept by the Washington Redskins this season, HAIL HTTR.

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