I Feel The Spirit of Lombardi’s Ghost Around Us

“What the HELL is going on out there? Sam! Get those linebackers in shape!”

“My grandmother is in better physical condition! Let’s go now, hubba hubba!”

“We will win here in Washington, and do it now.”

“We will not lose games because we are fatigued.”

“Belly Burners, hit it!!! …Monkey roll, that’s it!
Sonny, great throw, that’s what we need!”
RedskinsTailgate GM, Senior Staff Writer

Vince Lombardi’s strong carrying voice still echoes in the ears of
of Sonny Jurgeson, Larry Brown, Jerry Smith, and Sam Huff. As the new coach of the Redskins, he was well aware that from 1946 to 1970 the team had no playoff appearances, and from 1956 to 1968, zero winning seasons. He was determined to build a winning team in Washington, and his building blocks were Sonny Jurgeson, Jerry Smith and Larry Brown on offense – and Sam Huff on defense. Vince also changed the helmet to the simple “R” on it like his champion Green Bay Packers had the G on theirs. As wise and experienced as he was as a coach, Vince Lombardi knew he had to build his team around key players and that would make them winners again.

In 2015, our Redskins team will be build around key players that Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen get and Jay Gruden and coaches mold into a balanced,strong, winning team. In my view, this team will be built on the talents and strength and character of Robert Griffin III, DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris,and Ryan Kerrigan. Notice the similarity: Lombardi went with a quarterback, runningback, receiver, and linebacker as his building blocks – so will we this season. Of course other strong building blocks will be added, but the cornerstones are in place already.

Now its up to Jay Gruden & coaches to get the players all on the same page of the playbook and learn the system. They’ll have minicamps, OTA’s, mandatory and volunteer practices, and preseason to be ready. I see it all coming together NOW, not a year or two from now. I already see the making of a more pressure defense, better passrush, better secondary with players Scot got us in Free Agency. I am confident that in the draft, Scot and company will get us depth, and give Bill Callahan the players he needs to make the best Oline in the NFL.

I see a healthy Robert Griffin III hitting DeSean Jackson deep and Jordan Reed short. I hear an ‘A Train’, sounding similar to a diesel of yesteryear gaining big yardage and controlling the time of possession, and I feel the presence of angels watching over our team as well. I believe Sean Taylor and Vince Lombardi will be smiling come playoff time in 2016 when our Washington Redskins enter the postseason as NFC East Champions again.



Picture Credit: Pic courtesy of Pinterest.com, Shannon Cusick and Dawn Bruce, AKA “Sweet Bruce”, lol…

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