Give Bill Callahan A Few Upgrades And Watch Out


Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan will be in charge of the Redskins running game this season. He comes to us from the Dallas Cowboys, who had the best running game in the league last season. What I like is the fact that Bill Callahan has headcoaching experience so he sees the big picture.

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As the Raiders headcoach under General Manager Bruce Allen, our President, the Raiders went to the Superbowl 2003, They lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs who also had Bruce Allen as General Manager when Jon Gruden was coach there. So, Bill knows Bruce and Jay and Jon and they are on the same page about a balanced attack which includes a power runninggame.

In my view, as of this date, the only problem I see is we only have a good left tackle in Trent Williams and a decent center Kory Lichtensteiger, The other three positions on our oline were not good last season and need to be upgraded. We do have some big players in -house that need to get better and fill those positions. Spencer Long at guard and Morgan Moses at right tackle are a couple we drafted last season, but I dont know if they are ready. Bill Callahan will know. We need to draft some guards and tackles in the May NFL Draft for depth and training.

I believe A Train Alfred Morris is one of the best runningbacks in the NFL. This season with us having a bigger Oline and power running and a better offensive line coach. With Bill Callahan look for our running game to get respect from other teams defenses. Then the play-action passes work for big gains and touchdowns because they have to play the run. We may not have “the diesel now, but I hear another powerful locomotive sound, OMG!!! its the A Train. ALL ABOARD!!! HAIL HTTR.

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  1. What, the comment box message? Hmmm… Lemme go see if I can find that pic of John Mara picking his nose.

    (tee hee)

  2. sorry to see him a Redskin coach now, He built our Great Wall of Dallas. Its messed up. You guys will be better with him on your staff.

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