Is It Too Much To Ask For Players To Earn Their Pay?


Try these two concepts on for size:

Rookies: “Come in and if you prove yourself, I’ll take care of you.”

Veterans: “So you want more money? EARN IT.”

It’s called the merit system, and it works.

leonardskins LeonardSkins
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Scot McCloughan and Bruce Allen have a plan, and I’m a believer. No more throwing money down the drain or mortgaging the future by gamblingon an expensive Free Agent.

We have some players we need to step up and earn their money and get better. Trent Murphy, Morgan Moses, Akeem Davis, Phillip Thomas, Trenton Robinson, Duke Ihenacho, Bashaud Breeland, David Amerson. We did get a safety, Jeron Johnson who can probably earn starting strong safety. We could move DeAngelo Hall to safety if his legs are back 100 percent.

Be that as it may, I think we still need a starting safety through Free Agency because its rare to draft a safety and him start his first year and be good, unless he is a Sean Taylor. So, depth wise, we are better off and will add more to our defensive backfield,but forementioned players need to apply themselves and get better this season. Scot and Bruce will not keep anybody who doesnt have “fire in their belly to win.”

I think Morgan Moses, 6′ 6″, 335 lbs can start on our oline. He was injured last season, but back healthy. Drafted him in 2014. At any rate we shall have to get some oline help through the NFL Draft May 3rd. Its still possible we can trade for a good guard or tackle in Free Agency.

GM Scot and President Bruce are winning off the field by getting us the depth we need. We had two bad seasons, at least two, because of injured starting players and we didnt have the depth at their positions. This season will be different. If the NFL listens closely, they can hear WARDRUMS in the distance. I foresee “Romo’s Last Stand” and a scalped Eli Manning, and arrows in Chip Kelly’s fat rump. HAIL HTTR

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2 thoughts on “Is It Too Much To Ask For Players To Earn Their Pay?

  1. “Seattle maintains a very competitive team philosophy in which every player has to earn his roster spot and there are no “gimmes” or guarantees.”

    I think that’s the direction Len was going CL. The salaries are already past the sustaining point; maybe a phasing in of “Pay for Play” is just around the corner.

  2. Great concept, but in today’s NFL, how often do we see Veteran players have amazing seasons, being real difference makers (some even making the ProBowl) only to become Cap casualties because the team decides they need to go younger (“younger synonymous with CHEAPER) for the next season?. All the hard work, leadership, etc. is out the door with the only payoff being that the player will be more sought after in Free Agency.
    Seattle is about the only team I can think of who actually does reward their players for a job well done and who retains a large number of returning players. This has proven a win-win situation, as the team is able to maintain a high level of consistency and the players enjoy a degree of job security not seen in the majority of teams. Seattle maintains a very competitive team philosophy in which every player has to earn his roster spot and there are no “gimmes” or guarantees. And, if a player contributes heavily to the success of the team they might get a big contract when the time rolls around, but it’s about maintaining a consistently high level of play. “Pay for play” only works if the franchise keeps up their side of the equation!

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