Redskins Defensive Line Shines In Win Over Buffalo Bills

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One things for sure, it feels good to have a healthy defense again to start out the 2012 season. Sure the Skins fans and the rest of the nation was waiting to see how well RGIII handled pro pressure, but without the Redskins defense standing firm the game would have been lost. Until the Skins establish that they can just overpower opponents with offense the defense will have to step up and continue to provide balance.

Early in the game the Skins faced a setback when Robert Griffin III fumbled the handoff exchange with Evan Royster. The Bills went nuts when they recovered the ball at the Skins 21-yard line, but instead of going forward with a quick touchdown strike the Skins defensive line held, and managed to shove them back bit by bit until the Bills ended up on the 25 and had to settle for a field goal and a measly 3 points.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan was properly impressed with the defensive stand:

“You have to have the mindset. Find a way to keep them out of the endzone, It shows you a lot about our players, the character of our guys.”

As long as the Skins defense doesn’t get banged up too badly there can be enough rotation made during the games and between the games to keep our defensive players fresh at the end of hard fought games. The defensive depth chart looks good, and with RGIII behind the center the Skins offense should be able to keep the Redskins defense better rested during the games.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett:

“We have enough bodies, and everybody can’t play every down. I like the attitude and the way the guys are working. I love the depth we have right now.”

Next Saturday Shanney takes the Hogs on a road trip to Soldier Field, and we’ll go hunting for Bears in Chicago. Quarterback Jason Campbell may start the game if the Chicago Bears loss to the Broncos is any indication. Jay Cutler suited up but didn’t play, but the same could be said for the Bears defense, lmao… If the Broncos defense can hold the Bears offense to 3 points, I figure the Skins have a good chance to do the same.


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