Washington Redskins Players Suspended by NFL

Pic courtesy of whodatdish.com

Yep, it’s that old demon again, drugs. In this case though it’s not banned supplements or steroids, it’s the dumbest drug of all, “weed”.

It didn’t affect today’s game against the Jets, but if the suspensions stand, it’s a season killing 4 games. The players involved? Left tackle Trent Williams and tight end Fred Davis both have been busted for violating the league’s substance abuse program.

Reports indicate that both players have flunked drug tests since the end of the lockout, and worse still have violated the “Three Strike Rule”. There was a grace period of two to four weeks ended following the lockout, but both Wiliams and Davis screwed the pooch on that deal.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan was true to form when asked about the suspensions reported by Sports Illustrated:

“Number one, I have received no information about it so I can’t comment on it at this time,” he said, adding he would comment “in the next day or two.”

Well, the players were told not to talk about it, not even to ask about it.

So for now, “that’s all she wrote.”

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