The Washington Redskins Have a New Starting Quarterback

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Washington Redskins fans … the preseason quarterback battle that kept you on the edge of your seat has officially been resolved. Multiple reports indicate that head coach Mike Shanahan decided that the ‘Battle Royale’ between Rex Grossman and John Beck went in Grossman’s favor, and he will be the Week 1 starter.

“I just thought it was the best thing,” Shanahan said after Monday practice. “If we knew what direction we were going to go, to let everybody know and let everybody know so on Wednesday we can focus on the Giants and not all the speculation that goes on in between. I wanted to take as long as I possibly could to make sure that I did make the right decision. But was very competitive, and I like where we’re at.”

(Editoral opinion) I concur with the choice, as I saw Rex handle the pressure of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens defense very well, (two of the top two defenses) and move the ball. The Redskins won the 1st half of both games, our starters vs their starters. Grossmans’ critics do not want to believe someone with practice and hard work can get better, or in a system better suited for them, or one they can fit into better. I believe he has the talent and the leadership skills necessary to be a great quarterback for the Redskins. Shanahan is a great quarterback coach. Look what he did with Steve Young: he was 2 and 12, and a loser that nobody wanted. Time will tell.

Rex Daniel Grossman, III (born August 23, 1980) is an American football quarterback for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League. Grossman played college football for the University of Florida, and thereafter, he has played professionally for the Chicago Bears, the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins of the NFL.

2 thoughts on “The Washington Redskins Have a New Starting Quarterback

  1. u buzzard; sexyrexy will shock the nfl as he turns in2 a ryoien clone and leads us to the playoffs httr htst htzrrn thesexyredskins

  2. Buzzard, I realize you don’t get into college football much, but in this case Rex’s pedigree is SEC, and that’s the most purebred pedigree in college football. When you add the Florida Gators to that, and the Sugar Bowl, nothing more needs be said.

    What have has the SEC won, four out the last 5 national championships? I don’t actually memorize those stats like some fans do, eager to talk sh_t at about their “Superbowl Legacy” when they haven’t won one in a decade.

    The Skins fans at NFL are more humble, or is it that they are more self-confident? Redskins fans don’t have to keep reminding people about the past, they are more perceptive.

    They realize that what is important is “the here”, “the now”, and “the future”.

    For now Rex is the future of the Skins, but Beck will always be ready to step in if Rex gets hurt, and whoop some azz……..

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

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