Washington Redskins Players Suspended by NFL

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Yep, it’s that old demon again, drugs. In this case though it’s not banned supplements or steroids, it’s the dumbest drug of all, “weed”. Continue reading

Week 10: The Keys To Redskins Victory Over The Dolphins

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First of all, a team update update as of 11/11/11. New Redskins Tashard Choice (running back) and David Anderson (wide receiver) have looked good in practice Shanahan said, but still are learning the offense. Does that mean they will play or does it mean they will not play? Continue reading

Breaking News: Redskins Bad-Boy Haynesworth Dumped By Patriots

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Well, you knew it was coming. Shanny put up with his crap long enough, then had to kick him to the curb. Now it appears that the New England Patriots have done the same thing. Continue reading