Week 10: The Keys To Redskins Victory Over The Dolphins

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First of all, a team update update as of 11/11/11. New Redskins Tashard Choice (running back) and David Anderson (wide receiver) have looked good in practice Shanahan said, but still are learning the offense. Does that mean they will play or does it mean they will not play? Continue reading

Redskins vs Dolphins, Week 10 Pre-game Factors

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The Washington Redskins desperately need a victory Sunday when the play the Miami Dolphins. Although the Dolphins have a losing record, they whipped Kansas City Chiefs big-time last week for their first victory. Continue reading

Redskins vs Panthers Week 7 Pre-game Factors

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It’s Week 7 and the Washington Redskins have 3 wins and 2 loses and had a bye-week. At this early point in the season we are just barely behind the New York Giants who are in 1st place in the NFC East Division. If the Redskins get another win and are 4 and 2 then the Giants get a bye, we are tied or in 1st place again. Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Preview: Eagles Update

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Perhaps a better title for this article would be: Philadelphia Eagles, “Coming to Grips with a Losing Season.”, except that the Eagles don’t seem to get it yet. In fact, the Eagles are favored to win this week against the Washington Redskins. Continue reading

Redskins vs Eagles Week 6 Pre-game Factors

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At the moment, the Washington Redskins are 3 and 1 and have a bye-week. The Philadelphia Eagles are 1 and 3. The Eagles spent 10 fortunes on their “dream team” but somebody forgot to tell them its a TEAM sport and the egotistical players need to leave their egos at the door. Continue reading