Tailgate Pre-game: Redskins vs Cowboys, Week 11

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The Washington Redskins will be home against their arch-rivals Dallas Cowboys Sunday 11/20/11. You can toss out statistics, throw away each teams records. When the Redskins and Cowboys battle, its a war. This rivalry goes way back to the George Allen and Tom Landry coaching days. Continue reading

Redskins Cheating on Snap Count? “Say it Ain’t so, Romo!”

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Now ain’t this a “hoot”? Is that sirens I hear? is it the “Waaaaaaambulace coming for Tony Romo? I guess the 18-16 Dallas Cowboys victory over the Washington Redskins wasn’t enough to satisfy the new “Macho-Man” of the NFL… Continue reading

Redskins Wrap-up: Redskins vs Dallas, Week 3

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Last night the Washington Redskins come up short on the road 18 to 16 in a great defensive battle. Both the Redskins and Cowboys played great on defense. There were 3 fieldgoals each at halftime; the score was 9 to 9. Why did the Redskins lose? Our fault, their fault, nobody’s fault… Credit the Dallas defense for stopping the running game and playing a good game. Continue reading

Redskins vs Cowboys Team Comparisons, Week 3

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In the tale of the tape, Rex Grossman and Tony Romo are tied on touchdowns and the Redskins have the edge in the “running game”. Here is how each team measures up: Continue reading

Redskins vs Cowboys Week 3 Pre-game Factors

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Big NFC East Division rivals Dallas Cowboys host the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football, and most of the games between these two are decided by less than 7 points, and often down to the last play or the last minute of the game. Continue reading