Washington Redskins Ring of Fame: Jack Kent Cooke, Redskins Owner 1961-1997

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The Washington Redskins have had its share of “colorful” owners,but Jack Kent Cooke took the cake, Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Cooke moved with his family to The Beaches area of Toronto in 1921, where he attended Malvern Collegiate Institute. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, Sammy Baugh, 1937-1952.

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Every true REDSKINS fan should know about our legends, like #33, Slingin’ Sammy Baugh. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, Dave Butz, 1975-1989

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Once upon a time in rural Alabama, there was a big farm boy name Dave, and he became one of the best NFL football players ever, durable, only missed 4 games in 16 years. When he retired, he was already a legend with the HTTR Hard-core Hogs. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, Gene Brito, 1953-1958

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Gene Brito played 9 seasons in the NFL with the Rams and Redskins. He was a five-time Pro Bowler in 1953 and from 1955 to 1958. He was selected as one of the 70 Greatest Redskins, a list compiled by the Redskins in 2002 to commemorate the 70-year anniversary of the team. He is one of four defensive ends on the team, along with Dexter Manley, Ron McDole and Charles Mann. Continue reading

Washington Redskins Ring of Fame, Cliff Battles, 1932-1937

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If you think football is rough today, imagine it with leather helmets, & anything goes on hits and tackles. That was how it was back in 1932. TOUGH!!! Guess how much money Cliff Battles made as a NFL football player for the Boston Braves, changed to the Washington Redskins? Continue reading