Trent Murphy, An Investment Who’s Time Has Come

Being relentless is a good quality to have when you’re a big man on the shy side of 6-6, and filled out to a compact but respectable 250 pounds. 4.72 in the 40 isn’t exactly a blazing speed for a linebacker, but it’s sufficient if you don’t miss very many tackles. Trent is coming off a late season injury in 2014 and has some lost time to make up for.

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Winning Off the Field Has To Happen First


If NFL football was easy, anyone could be a champion.

However, winning at the professional level is a full time job, regardless of the offseason –

…and more of the game is played off the field than on.


So, the game has evolved over the years into a process by which the coaches and staff are as hard-pressed as the players.
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DeSean Jackson: Wide Receiver, Special Teams, or just Special?


When you’re rebuilding anything from the ground up, you need to start with a good foundation. Foundations, much like special teams and wide receiver corps need to be both deep and solid. One of the Washington Redskins wide receivers will be a much needed cornerstone in 2015: DeSean William Jackson.

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Give Bill Callahan A Few Upgrades And Watch Out


Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan will be in charge of the Redskins running game this season. He comes to us from the Dallas Cowboys, who had the best running game in the league last season. What I like is the fact that Bill Callahan has headcoaching experience so he sees the big picture.

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There’s No Reason Not To Expect The Playoffs


The bottom line: Jay Gruden has named Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback for this 2015 season. It’s Griffin’s job to keep, or lose as the case may be – but short of injury expect him to keep it.

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